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Mahmoud is a partner and head of the Firm’s Litigation Department. He specializes in prosecuting complex litigation disputes, especially in relation to intellectual property rights, commercial law, penal sanctions, corporate crimes and civil matters, economic,. He represents clients in different proceedings before judiciary, experts of the Egyptian ministry of justice.
He is an able and well versed court litigator, whose successful track records spans the litigation spectrum.

Mahmoud obtained his law degree from Ain Shams University May 2000, Master's Degree In Law from faculty of law Ain Shams university 2009  , Diploma of Higher Studies in Private Law from Faculty of Law Ain Shams University, May 2009 , Diploma of Higher Studies in International Commerce from Faculty of Law, Ain  Shams University , May 2011  and a member of the Egyptian Bar Association, licensed before the Egyptian Court of Cassation, the Supreme Administrative Court, and the High Constitutional Court. He has about 26 years’ litigation experience with a proven track record of successful litigation in hundreds of court cases, significant contributions to major arbitration cases, dispute settlements and land mark mergers and acquisitions in Egypt.

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